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The mission of SIGMAA EM is to provide a forum for discussion and promotion of mathematical analysis and problem-solving arising from environmental sources.  This will be focused around areas such as:

1. Advocacy: We will contribute to an awareness of our responsibility to address environmental issues and to utilize sound mathematical analysis to support such promotional activities.  Such efforts will be focused on our own profession or institutions, perhaps contributing to a further greening of the MAA, or more globally through efforts with public school systems or in the media

2. Education: We look to foster the inherent environmental interests of young people and to support efforts to bring sustainability and ethical reasoning into the mathematics curriculum at multiple levels.

3. Research: We will provide opportunities to engage in and discuss the mathematics zrising from environmental issues.  Since environmental issues are inherently interdisciplinary - lend themselves to team efforts - and offer an abundance of mathematical content at many levels, we support the opportunity to interact with specialists from other disciplines, including physical and social scientists and engineers that work to address these same issues.  These goals demonstrate to the larger community that mathematics recognizes its responsibility to address issues important to society.

Joining SIGMAA EM is as easy as checking a box on your MAA membership form.

If you have questions about SIGMAA EM activities or this site, or want to get involved in the leadership of the group, contact one of the officers. We can use your help whether through organizing activities, serving as an officer, or simply providing feedback on past activities or ideas for future directions.  We want you to be involved!

For general questions, contact the MAA Membership Department.

SIGMAA-EM is ramping up its activities now, so please make suggestions!