The mission of HOM-SIGMAA is to provide a forum through which those interested in the history of mathematics can meet, interact, exchange ideas, provide support for one another, and foster increased awareness of the historical background of mathematics.

Membership in HOM-SIGMAA

The annual HOM-SIGMAA membership fee for MAA members is $12. The MAA membership form has a check-off box for HOM-SIGMAA (and other SIGMAAs), so the easiest way to join or renew your membership is when you join or renew your MAA membership. If you have already joined or renewed your MAA membership, and wish to add membership to HOM-SIGMAA, please contact the MAA directly.

Membership dues fund costs related to history of mathematics sessions at conferences such as MathFest and the Joint Meetings. They also support our annual writing contests.


View the HOM-SIGMAA charter here.