HOM-SIGMAA Governance

Officers' terms begin and immediately following the Joint Mathematics Meetings of the indicated year. Elections take place in the fall preceding each Joint Meetings. Detailed descriptions of officer duties, elections, etc. can be found in the HOM-SIGMAA charter.

Chair: Amy Shell-Gellasch (2016-2018)



The Chair oversees all HOM-SIGMAA activities, and chairs the annual business meeting at the Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Past Chair: Danny Otero (2016-2018)


Xavier University (Ohio), otero@xavier.edu

The Previous Chair serves as an assistant to the current Chair, and ensures continuity of the HOM-SIGMAA executive council.

Secretary/Treasurer: Cynthia Huffman (2018-2020)


Pittsburg State University, cjhuffman@pittstate.edu

The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for pecuniary matters and the annual newsletters.

Program Coordinator: Toke Knudsen (2015-2017)


SUNY Oneonta, toke.knudsen@oneonta.edu

The Program Coordinator arranges logistical details related to HOM-SIGMAA events at conferences.

Prize Coordinator: Dorothee Blum (2017-2019)


Millersville University, Dorothee.Blum@millersville.edu

The Prize Coordinator oversees our writing contests: the Student Paper contest, the Book Prize, and the Article Prize.

Electronic Resources Coordinator: Colin McKinney (2016-2018)


Wabash College, mckinnec@wabash.edu

The Electronic Resource Coordinator maintains this website, manages the HOM-SIGMAA listserv, and provides technical assistance to HOM-SIGMAA affiliated conference sessions.

Previous Executives:

Chair: Danny Otero (2014-2016)

Larry D'Antonio (2015-2017)

Program Coordinator:

Prize Coordinator:
Dominic Kleeve (2014-2016)

Electronic Resources Coordinator:
Scott Guthery (2014-2016)