SIGMAA on Circles business is conducted electronically, insofar as possible. Therefore it is in the interest of members to be a part of the SIGMAA-MCST Listserve, a listserve for SIGMAA on Circles members. This list, hosted by the MAA and maintained by SIGMAA on Circles's Electronic Resources Coordinator, has a fairly low volume of traffic. Many important announcements will be made only through the SIGMAA-MCST Listserve, so please join the list if you wish to keep up with SIGMAA on Circles matters.

If you would like to join the SIGMAA-MCST Listserve please contact Ed Keppelmann.


Useful Commands For Current List Subscribers:
(also found at the MAA site here)
I have summarized what I think are the most important commands for this group. All commands can be sent in the body of the message to LISTSERV@ENTERPRISE.MAA.ORG. SEE BELOW:
  1. how to send a message to the list
  2. how to unsubscribe to the list
  3. How to receive the list in digest form
  4. how to get a complete reference card of commands
  1. To send a message to all of the people currently subscribed to the list, just send mail to SIGMAA-MCST@ENTERPRISE.MAA.ORG.
  2. You may leave the list at any time by sending a "SIGNOFF SIGMAA-MCST" command to LISTSERV@ENTERPRISE.MAA.ORG.
  3. This list is available in digest form. If you wish to receive the digested version of the postings, then just issue a SET SIGMAA-MCST DIGEST command to LISTSERV@ENTERPRISE.MAA.ORG.
  4. More information on LISTSERV commands can be found in the LISTSERV reference card, which you can retrieve by sending an "INFO REFCARD" command to LISTSERV@ENTERPRISE.MAA.ORG.