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About SIGMAA-Rec

Recreational Mathematics is a broad term that covers many different areas including games, puzzles, magic, art, and more. Possibly the most well-known expositor of recreational mathematics was Martin Gardner, who wrote the Mathematical Games column for “Scientific American” magazine. The purpose of SIGMAA-Rec is to bring together mathematicians and others who are interested in recreational topics and to promote the often-deep mathematics inside the subjects. We will also work with other organizations to promote recreational mathematics as a serious field of study.

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To get involved in SIGMAA-Rec, contact the current SIGMAA-Rec Chair. We can use your help whether through organizing activities, serving as an officer, or simply providing feedback on past activities or ideas for future directions.

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SIGMAA-Rec Officers

Ron Taylor, Chair

Robert Schneider, Chair Elect

Robert Vallin, Past Chair

Colm Mulcahy, Communications

Sara Quinn, Secretary/Treasurer

Jeanette Shakalli, Program Committee Chair

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Feel free to post to our email list to provide feedback on our activities, give us suggestions for new activities and resource, or to just say hello!