Special Interest Group of the MAA on 
Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education

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The XXIV Annual Conference on Research on Undergraduate Mathematics Education

February 24- February 26, 2022 
Boston, MA

In January 2005, the MAA Board of Governors established the Annie and John Selden Prize for Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education honoring a researcher who has established a significant record of published research in undergraduate mathematics education and who has been in the field at most ten years. This new award will be presented at Mathfest (summer meeting), in even-numbered years. Guidelines for the Award and Nomination Information here.

List of Winners

Conference Paper Awards

Conference Paper Awards are listed with the Proceedings.

Annie & John Selden Prize for Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education

SIGMAA on RUME was formed in 2001 for the purpose of encouraging quality research in undergraduate mathematics education (RUME) and its application in teaching practices. SIGMAA on RUME provides organizational support for researchers conducting RUME and to those interested in using the results of RUME. It also provides organizational support for the dissemination of the results of this research.


SIGMAA on RUME conducts activities such as talks, conferences, publications, and mentoring. In addition, it maintains a listserv of the membership for the purposes of sharing information. It sponsors a reception at the January meeting of the MAA as well as sponsoring contributed paper and poster sessions at those meetings.

SIGMAA on RUME seeks to build relationships with all other organizations concerned with the learning and teaching of mathematics at all levels, from pre-school to graduate school. SIGMAA on RUME conducts its activities within the structure of the MAA.

SIGMAA on RUME Brief Description

The 24th annual SIGMAA on RUME conference will be held in Boston, MA, from Thursday, February 24th, to Saturday, February 26th, 2022. We hope that you are excited to attend the conference and share your work with our community. In order to make this happen, we are requesting that you submit a proposal to the conference. Deadlines for proposals for contributed, theoretical, and preliminary reports and for Working Groups will be announced in early 2021.

When available, full details and instructions for submitting proposals for the 2022 SIGMAA on RUME conference can be found on the 2022 conference web site:


Also when available, we will again be using the Microsoft Conference Management System for 2022 proposal submission and review:


In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, and in acknowledgement of the intense burdens it has placed upon our community, the Executive Committee has decided to cancel the 2021 SIGMAA on RUME conference. We are exploring alternate avenues to continue to serve the research needs of the community in the meantime.