What Can Research On Pre-College Math Learning
Contribute to Undergraduate Mathematics Learning and Teaching?

Carolyn A. Maher, Rutgers University

The presentation will highlight some important findings about student learning from an extensive longitudinal study and then describe what implications these findings might have for the design of collegiate mathematics classrooms. In this talk, I will first present videotaped excerpts of students learning mathematics. These excerpts will illustrate the role that individual sense making, as well as the surrounding social and cultural milieu, played in students' co-construction of mathematical arguments. Data will be drawn from domains relevant to college mathematics educators, including combinatorics and deductive argumentation. I will then present interview data from students in which they discuss what aspects of their environments made these types of reasoning and interactions possible. Finally, I will consider what types of environments in collegiate classrooms might promote similar modes of reasoning on the part of undergraduates.

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