Art and Undergraduate Mathematics Education

Acknowledging the potential of artwork in the context of undergraduate education, RUME will try out a new initiative during the upcoming conference in February. The Planning Committee will make arrangements to open up a space devoted to works of art created by either students or faculty in the context of teaching and learning undergraduate mathematics. We invite you to lend pieces for the exhibit to be returned after the conference, they can be paintings, collages, sculptures, crafts, and so forth. We do not expect them to be produced by professional artists but by students and teachers interested in exploring artistic expression as related to their experiences teaching and learning mathematics. For each contribution we will need to post its name, the name of the author(s), and the context in which it was created (e.g. abstract algebra class). Please send information about contributions (see below) to Karen Marrongelle ( by January 13, 2012. Pieces can be shipped directly to the hotel; details will follow.

Information to be sent by January 13, 2012:

1. Media

2. Name of artwork

3. Name of author(s)

4. Context in which the artwork was created


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