SIGMAA Statistics Education Business Meeting and Reception

Tuesday, 1-7- 09

Held in Washington, D.C. from 5:45 pm to 7pm


Welcome, Introductions, and Reception  

            SIGMAA Chair Pat Humphrey welcomed everyone in attendance and introduced the officers:  Michael Posner, chair-elect, Dorothy Anway, treasurer, Nancy Boynton secretary and soon to be chair-elect, Cora Neal, soon to be secretary.    Everyone was invited to partake of the refreshments. Also, everyone in attendance was asked to introduce him or herself and sign the attendance sheet. 



Carol Blumberg from the DOE-EIA spoke about the number of retirements that will be coming in the next few years in government agencies and the fact that they will be hiring employees at all levels.  They also have student internships.  For most positions you must be a citizen.


Approval of Minutes from Business Meeting of 1-7-08

            Copies of the 2008 meeting minutes were distributed.  A motion to approve the minutes was made by Dex Whittinghill and seconded by Murray Siegel.  The minutes were unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report 

            Dorothy Anway gave the treasurers report. 


Actual 2007

Approved 2008

Actual for 3 quarters 2008

Requested 2010

Estimated  Revenues












Carryover from previous year






Total Revenue






Total Expenses
















Dex Whittinghill Best Contributed Paper Award

Dex Whittinghill presented the 2008 Dex Whittinghill Best Contributed Paper Award plaque and honorarium to Cora Neal for her presentation, “Using Humming to Teach Experimental Design in Elementary Statistics."  There was a tie for the 2008 Best Contributed Paper.  Rodney Sturdivant also won for his presentation, “ Anthrax, Killer Bees and Murder to Motivate Statistics.”  Unfortunately Rodney was unable to be at the Business Meeting.  He will be given his plaque and honorarium at another time.


Pat Humphrey (current chair)

There has been a request for support from ICOTS 2010.  There was a discussion of whether we should do this.  We concluded that we need to get more information about what they are asking for.  It was determined that we should only do it if it would directly benefit our members. 


We have been asked by the MAA to make changes in our charter so that it is in line with their model charter.  There was a motion from Dorothy Anway, seconded by Murray Siegel to have the officers of the SIGMAA go through these charter changes and make them as long as the officers think that they are appropriate for the SIGMAA.  Dex Whittinghill made a friendly amendment to have the changes sent out by e-mail for comments from the members.  The motion with the amendment was approved


Our charter requires that we have at least two candidates for each office.  It is often difficult to find enough people willing to run and so there was a motion to change our charter to allow us to run one candidate and a write-in slot.  Several people spoke about the advantages of having two candidates.  We need to get more people involved and find ways to draw in young faculty.  This is difficult at a time when many colleges and universities are cutting back on travel budgets.  Many organizations are having similar problems getting enough people to serve in volunteer positions.  It was unanimously decided to continue to require two candidates for each position.


The SIGMAA is making plans for JMM 2010 in San Francisco.  We submitted two Contributed Paper Session proposals.  One was Improving a Second Course in Statistics which has now been approved.  We will be proposing a panel on What a New Statistics Teacher Should Know and perhaps a second panel. 


Mary Sullivan and Mary Parker are on an American Statistical Association subcommittee on teaching statistics in two-year colleges.  They want the SIGMAA to remember that there are many two-year college faculty members in the MAA and some of them need help teaching statistics.  You can contact them at  or  


We need a new webmaster and a new newsletter editor.  Michael Posner has obtained for us the domain name  Now we need someone to update the site.


They are looking for more AP Readers.  If you are interested Chris Franklin of the University of Georgia is the Chief Reader,, or the AP website at 


Robin Locke announced the meeting of the Joint ASA-MAA Committee meeting on Thursday morning. 


This year we will give a prize for the 2009 JMM Student Poster Award for Excellence in Statistics.  Pat announced that we were looking for people to serve as judges.  


Thank you to the following exhibitors who donated door prizes:



Prizes were won by –

Carolyn Cuff, Bob Jernigan, Debby Lurie, Dorothy Anway, Murray Siegel, Sue Barton, Allan Anway and Joe Urbanski


John McKenzie asked that the officers leaving their positions be thanked.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:10 pm.


2009 SIGMAA on Statistics Education Business Meeting Attendees




An, Ming

Vassar College

Anway, Dorothy

U of Wisconsin-Superior

Blumberg, Carol Joyce

Energy Info Admin

Boynton, Nancy

SUNY Fredonia

Cohen, Michael P


Crawford, Sara

Valparaiso Univ

Cuff, Carolyn

Westminster College

Dinov, Ivo


Gill, Brian

Seattle Pacific U

Hancock, Stacey

Reed College

Humphrey, Pat

Georgia Southern Univ

Jernigan, Bob

American U

Leigh Lunsford

Longwood Univ

Lock, Robin

St. Lawrence Univ

Lurie, Debby

Saint Joseph Univ

McKenzie, John

Babson College

Neal, Cora

Sonoma State

Norton, Doug

Villanova University

Parker, Mary

Austin CC

Poplin, Phillip L

Longwood Univ

Posner, Michael

Villanova University

Sethi, Wendiann


Siegel, Murray

Central AZ

Sullivan, Mary M

Rhode Island College

Urbanski, Joe

West Virginia Univ

Whittinghill, Dex

Rowan Univ


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