SIGMAA on Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching


SIGMAA MKT is a community for all who work on preparation or development for teaching K-12 mathematics. Our members members teach courses or conduct research that may involve examining, designing, developing, piloting, and revising tasks and curricula focused on mathematical knowledge for teaching in grades K-12. These questions guide SIGMAA MKT: What evidence, experience and values guide us in how to prepare and develop K-12 teachers?How do we improve the mathematical education of prospective and practicing K-12 teachers? How do we strengthen the professional community of mathematics faculty working on mathematical preparation or development for teaching K-12 mathematics? How do we strengthen connections and community among such mathematics faculty and practicing K-12 teachers?

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To get involved in SIGMAA MKT, contact the current SIGMAA MKT Chair. We can use your help whether through organizing activities, serving as an officer, or simply providing feedback on past activities or ideas for future directions.

We want you to be involved!

Joining SIGMAA MKT is as easy as checking a box on your MAA membership form. If you have questions about SIGMAA MKT membership, contact the MAA Membership Department.

SIGMAA Membership Info


Yvonne Lai, Chair

Lisa Berger, Chair Elect

Christina Eubanks-Turner, Past Chair

Darryl Yong, Web Mananger

Maria Fung, Secretary/Treasurer


Feel free to post to our email list to provide feedback on our activities, give us suggestions for new activities and resource, or to just say hello!