SIGMAA on Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching

SIGMAA MKT is a community for all who work on preparation or development for teaching K-12 mathematics. Our members teach courses or conduct research that may involve examining, designing, developing, piloting, and revising tasks and curricula focused on mathematical knowledge for teaching in grades K-12.

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NOV. 2021 - Call for Nominations- MKT Program Coordinator
The SIGMAA-MKT is seeking nominations for a new Program Coordinator. This position begins Jan. 2022 and serves a two year term.

Position Description:
The program coordinator solicits proposals for sessions such as contributed paper sessions and minicourses at MathFest and JMM, as well as other workshops, conferences, etc., from the SIGMAA membership. They also arranges sessions that are directed primarily at the SIGMAA membership, such as guest lectures and business meetings.

Nominees can be submitted here .


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