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Encouraged types of papers

We read the focus of our SIGMAA rather broadly, and encourage submissions about traditional RUME areas such as proof, calculus, and college algebra, but, also as inclusive of graduate students, probability and statistics, combinatorics, social justice, and work related to teachers and teaching.  The merits of each proposal will be judged individually, with evaluation about the quality of the work as well as the broad fit for the conference.  As a result of our broad reading of RUME, we encourage submission of four different kinds of reports; Contributed Research Reports, Preliminary Research Reports, Theoretical Reports, and Poster Reports.  We expect both Contributed Reports and Preliminary Reports will have data collected by the time of the proposal submission.  Theoretical reports, by their nature, may not have any data at all. In the original submission, you are asked to submit a blinded version, without author information (it's probably better to cite your published papers with the citation rather than AUTHOR).  If your proposal is accepted for the proceedings, we will then ask you to submit a new, unblinded version.

Due dates

For contributed, theoretical and preliminary reports, the proposals will be due Wednesday, August 27, 2014.  For poster reports, the 1-page proposals will be due on Monday, November 10, 2014 (although you are welcome and encouraged to submit them earlier).  Poster reports will be reviewed on a rolling basis as they are submitted.

Contributed Research Reports

The SIGMAA on RUME aims to foster a professional atmosphere for quality research in the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics. We solicit proposals for contributed research reports presenting results from completed research studies on undergraduate mathematics education that address one or more of the following themes:

          results of current research

          contemporary theoretical perspectives and research paradigms

          innovative methodologies and analytical approaches as they pertain to the study of undergraduate mathematics education

Preliminary Research Reports

The SIGMAA on RUME seeks to support the professional development of new researchers and new research ideas in the field of undergraduate mathematics education. To foster constructive discussions toward this goal, we encourage graduate students, new PhDs, undergraduate mathematics educators, and experienced researchers to present preliminary reports on ongoing research projects in early stages of analysis, although, they must have data collected at the time of proposal submission. Significant discussion time will follow each presentation to allow for feedback and suggestions for future directions for the research. Proposals for preliminary reports are expected to include a list of questions that will be posed to the audience during the discussion portion of presentation to help further the research.

Theoretical Reports

The SIGMAA on RUME seeks to support the development of new theoretical perspectives for research on undergraduate mathematics education. Proposals in this category must explicate the theoretical perspective in detail and explain why existing theories do not adequately account for the phenomenon in question.

Poster Reports

The SIGMAA on RUME seeks to create additional means for researchers to present their work and recognizes that some types of work are better presented in poster format.  While not meant to be exclusive, we present two examples of types of Poster Reports.  The first is methodological presentations which could be better illustrated on a poster, and for which the one-on-one interactions could be a better opportunity for other researchers to learn or adapt techniques than a standard conference presentation would provide.  Another example is a poster that illustrates connections between a collection of studies by one researcher or research group.  

The SIGMAA on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education presents its Eighteenth Annual

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