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SIGMAA-ARTS Business Meeting and Reception:

  • Wednesday, January 4, 6:15 - 7:00 in A706, Atrium Level, Marriott Marquis at the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. With substantial hors d'oeuvres (new addition!)


Welcome to SIGMAA-ARTS
Special Interest Group on
Mathematics and the Arts

of the Mathematical Association of America

Issue 1 of the SIGMAA-ARTS Newsletter is now available!


Icosahedra pattern

This pattern for a SIGMAA-ARTS commemorative icosahedra was distributed at the 2015 MathFest to commemorate the Centennial of the MAA. To download and print a full-sized version of your own, click here for a JPEG version or here for a PDF version. Cut along the solid red lines and score along the dotted red lines. The shorter tabs are designed to go into slots which indicated by solid black lines. If you do not wish to cut slots, you should cut off the shorter tabs.



SIGMAA-ARTS Polygons T-shirt
SIGMAA-ARTS Fish T-shirt

The T-shirts on display at the 2015 MathFest are available on the Mathartfun web site.


The purpose of the SIGMAA-ARTS is to support and encourage the interest of MAA members in the connections between mathematics and the arts including, but not limited to, the visual arts, sculpture, architecture, origami, textile and fiber art, literature, drama, dance, music, multimedia art and digital art. The SIGMAA-ARTS will pursue this purpose by encouraging the awareness of, pedagogy in, and interdisciplinary research and publication in the areas of mathematically inspired art, the use and role of visualization in mathematics, applying mathematics to analyze art and/or the creative process, and mathematics as art.