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Art/Math News

Issue 2 of the SIGMAA-ARTS Newsletter is now available!


Message from the Officers

We're looking for help revising the SIGMAA-ARTS charter. The problem is that the charter calls for yearly elections, but since organizing and hosting talks and exhibits take time, skill, and experi ence, it isn't feasible to change officers every year even if there were willing volunteers. In fact, we need some kind of structure for training replacements. We're having trouble nding time to work on this with our other responsibilities and it is important to the MAA. Contact Doug Dunham at ddunham@d.umn.edu to help out, no experience neccessary.


Report from the Golden Section 2017 Art Exhibition


2017 Southeastern Section meeting

The 2017 Southeastern Section meeting at Mercer University featured two mathematical art events: the first special session on math and art at a section meeting as well as one of the first math and art shows, titled "Adjacent", which ran from February 27-March 24 in the Plunkett Gallery. Both were organized/co-organized by Carolyn Yackel.


2017 JMM Mathematical Art Exhibition Awards

  • "Fractal Monarchs," by Doug Dunham and John Shier, was awarded Best photograph, painting, or print.
  • "Torus," by Jiangmei Wu, was awarded Best textile, sculpture, or other medium.
  • "AAABBB, two juxtapositions: Dots & Blossoms, Windmills & Pinwheels," by Mary Klotz, received Honorable Mention.

More information and pictures are available at http://www.ams.org/news?news_id=3277.


Reza Sarhangi, 1952–2016

It is our great sorrow to report that Reza Sarhangi, Chater Member of SIGMAA-ARTS and long time Archivist for the SIGMAA, passed away July 1st, 2016. Some obituaries may be found at http://bridgesmathart.org/reza-sarhangi/ and http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17513472.2016.1265910.