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Resources for IBL Teaching


Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics
JIBLM is a good source for IBL course notes for college courses. You can find complete scripts of questions for a variety of topics, with helpful instructor’s guides. [Trade Secret: the instructor’s guides distill wisdom from many years of teaching! There is a lot to learn about IBL teaching hiding in these notes.]
Discovering the Art of Mathematics
This is an NSF-funded project to develop variants of Mathematics for the Liberal Arts courses in an IBL style. There are 11 different versions of those courses available here (for free!), and lots of information and help for new users of IBL techniques.

Mentoring and Workshops

The Academy of Inquiry Based Learning is an organization for connecting IBL practitioners. AIBL runs workshops every summer, and can match you with a mentor.


The Initiative for Mathematics Learning by Inquiry is a public non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting the IBL community.


These are blog sites with interesting content about teaching college Mathematics, many of which address ideas of IBL teaching in direct ways.

Contributed Paper Session Slides