Jim Tanton of St Mark's School told us about how to think like a math genius. While you are there check out all the other great material on his web-site. Dots and boxes material that he used for the Sunday session with local high school students is also available.

Sam Vandervelde of St Lawrence University tells us topics and techniques for a best math circle in his talk

Yield the Floor

Dave Auckly, Associate director of MSRI gave us an extensive list of Math Circle Resources in his talk

Math Circle Resources

Silva Chang of the University of Colorado in boulder told us about her Colorado Math Circle coming out of the University of Colorado in Boulder. This has a special sub-circle called Sophie. Here is their 2009 report with parent feedback and photos.

Sergei Tabachnikov of Penn State University told us about their math circle which has a rather unique applied slant. You can visit this site at either of these URLS: State Club    or   GEMS. Here is his talk with great problem ideas!

Angela Hodge of North Dakota State University told us about her experiences with sending a circle development team to the AIM teacher's circle workshop development program in her talk NDSU

Ted Theodosopoulos from Saint Ann's school in Brooklyn Heights New York. His talk on Problem Solving Paradigms for Mathematical Research has some incredibly intriguing problems! Also, check out the math links on the school's website - Math Saint Ann to see some student generated solutions.

Brianna Donaldson of the American Institute of Mathematics and Diana White of UC Denver presented some essential survey results on the effectiveness of Math Teacher's Circles. There are some great quotes and self-reported evidence from a grand spectrum of teacher's circle participants. What a great way to get your colleagues and administrators on board for teachers circles in your area!

Tatiana Shubin of San Jose State University told us about some important books for a mathematical circles library being started at MSRI. This is a great perspective on the Russian circle experience where all our circles have their roots but which is different in the USA. This lecture has many great problems along with an example of how to balance content.