The purpose of this SIGMAA is to facilitate the exchange of ideas about teaching statistics and data science, the undergraduate statistics and data science curricula and all other issues related to providing students with effective and engaging encounters with these topics in their courses of study.  We also hope to foster increased understanding of statistics and data science among members of the MAA, promote the discipline of statistics and data science among students, and work cooperatively with other organizations to encourage effective teaching and learning of statistics and data science.

The SIGMAA SDS-Ed awards the Robert V. Hogg Award and the Dexter C. Whittinghill III Award at the SIGMAA business meeting at MathFest annually.

Nominations Open for the Robert V. Hogg Award for Excellence in Teaching Introductory Statistics


The Hogg Award provides recognition to an individual who has shown both excellence and growth in teaching introductory statistics at the college level. This award is presented annually at MathFest. Nomination packets should be submitted to Phil Yates, Chair of the Award Committee, at PYATES@depaul.edu.

The winner of the Hogg Award will have been teaching introductory statistics at the college level for 3 to 15 years and hold active membership with the MAA. Nominations of faculty coming from a mathematics background are especially encouraged, although all eligible candidates are encouraged to apply. The deadline for submitting nomination packets is September 30; nominations are held in consideration for 3 years, but updated nomination packets are encouraged.


Awarded at the 2021 JMM

Congratulations to the 2021 Hogg Award winner Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel!


The Dexter C. Whittinghill III award for best presentation at the 2020 JMM went to Albert Schueller!

Past Award Winners

Future Conferences of Interest to SIGMAA Members

MathFest 2022

The slides from our sponsored session, the MAA Contributed Paper Session on Data for Good: Bringing Social and Professional Responsibility into the Statistics Classroom are now available.

MathFest 2021

The slides from our sponsored session, the MAA Invited Paper Session on Supporting Student Success in Introductory Statistics through Evidence-Based Practices are now available.

JMM 2021

The slides from our sponsored session, the MAA Invited Paper Session on What Does an Introduction to Data Science Course Look Like? are now available.

JMM 2020

The slides from the contributed papers sessions, invited paper sessions, and panel are avaiable.

JMM 2019

Paper presentations from the 2019 MAA Contributed Paper Session on Technology and Resources in Statistics and Data Science Education  are on organizer Karl Schmitt's blog.


JMM 2018 Paper Presentations

The presentations at our JMM 2018 sessions were well attended and enjoyed by many. Find the link to many of the presentation slides below. Although these do not include audio for those of you who were unable to attend, you may find interesting ideas within these slideshows.  Other past presentations are also available at the link.