SIGMAA MCST Business Archive

This is a miscellaneous collection of historical records and documents mostly intended for the officers of the MCST sigmaa.

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2008 Budget

2009 Data on Sigmaa Memberships

August 2009 MCST Sessions

January 2009 MCST Presentations

January 2010 Poster Circle Demos

January 2010 Session Talks

January 2010 Meeting Minutes

August 2010 Meeting Minutes

August 2010 Session Notes

Some Quarterly Reports 2009-2010

2010 Annual Report

SIGMAA crossover data for 2010

January 2011 Business Meeting

January 2011 Session Notes

March 2011 Business Meeting

2011 Budget Request

August 2011 Business Meeting

2012 Budget Request

Action Items for 2012 and Beyond

January 2012 Session Notes

January 2012 Business Meeting

Math Fest 2012 Session Notes

Math Fest 2012 Business Meeting

JMM 2013 Session Notes

JMM 2013 Business Meeting

Math Fest 2013 Business Meeting