The SIGMAA on RUME presents the twenty-first annual

Conference on

Research in




February 22 - 24, 2018 | SAN DIEGO, CA

We are excited to welcome and present the plenary speakers for SIGMAA on RUME 2018!


Joanne Lobato

San Diego State University
Joanne’s most recent line of research was motivated by the need for alternative models of videos to be used in learning mathematics online and by the emerging research area of learning vicariously through observing dialogues. She also has long-standing interests in the transfer of learning, learners’ “noticing” from both psychological and socio-cultural perspectives, and the relationship between teaching practices and student learning – all of which she has investigated empirically through school-based research at the secondary level.

Juan Pablo Mejía Ramos

Rutgers University
Juan Pablo Mejía Ramos is an associate professor of mathematics and mathematics education at Rutgers University. Pablo was born and grew up in Bogotá, Colombia where he obtained his undergraduate degree in mathematics (Universidad de Los Andes) and worked as a mathematics high-school teacher. In 2003, Pablo moved to the U.K. to study at the University of Warwick, where he was awarded an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in mathematics education. His research focuses on the reasoning processes involved in argumentative activities related to the notion of proof in university mathematics, including the reasoning strategies employed by students in proof construction tasks, the way students and mathematicians read proofs, the assessment of proof comprehension at the undergraduate level, and the presentation of proofs in undergraduate mathematics courses.

Marcy Towns

Purdue University
Dr. Marcy H. Towns is a Professor of Chemistry and Director of General Chemistry at Purdue University. She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement (AAAS) 2009, and a Fellow of the American Chemical Society (ACS) 2012. She received the 2017 ACS Award for Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry and the 2017 James Flack Norris Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Teaching of Chemistry from the Northeast Section of the ACS. She has been recognized with Purdue University’s most prestigious honors for teaching including The Class of 1922 Outstanding Innovation in Helping Students Learn Award (2015) and the Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (2013). She has held a number of elected and appointed positions in American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Division of Chemical Education including the Chair in 2015 and a 9-year membership on the ACS Examinations Institute Board of Trustees. She has over 60 publications, over 1600 citations, and over 100 international and national presentations. She is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Chemical Education, focusing on manuscripts pertaining to chemistry education research. ​

We're very excited about this group, and, we will soon post further information about their talks.