Contributed Paper Session
Logic and Intuition in Everyday Mathematics
Mathfest 2022: August 3-6, Philadelphia

Many of us likely believe--and teach--that the role of proof is essential to the practice of pure mathematics. However, history is full of examples that suggest intuition may also play a meaningful role in the development of mathematical knowledge. Furthermore, computers can now supply (or at least verify) many of the logical steps in a mathematical proof, and even generate mathematical conjectures. This raises the question: what roles do logic and intuition play in mathematics? Is logic largely a scheme for demonstrating rigor and "correctness" after intuition has led us to a proposition that we believe to be correct? Or is logic more of an essential companion, informing our intuition and the very way think about our subject matter? This contributed paper session welcomes submissions reflecting on the relative roles of logic and intuition in mathematics, based on the contributor's historical/philosophical scholarship or lived experience as a working mathematician.

Sponsor: Philosophy of Mathematics SIGMAA (POM-SIGMAA)
Organizers: Jason Douma, University of Sioux Falls, jason.douma@usiouxfalls.edu
Tom Morley, Georgia Institute of Technology, Morley@math.gatech.edu

POM SIGMAA held both a Contributed Paper Session and hosted an invited talk by Nicolas Fillion at the Online Virtual Joint Math Meetings, April 6-9, 2022. Follow those links to find the list of talks, abstracts, and in some cases, slides.

POM SIGMAA Business Meeting

POM SIGMAA had a Zoom business meeting on Feb. 7, 2022. Meeting Recording

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