These are listed with the most recent meeting at the top, older meetings can be found down lower. Paper titles link to the abstracts (usually in pdf format). The file naming refers to the abstract number assigned to papers by the AMS for the Joint Meetings (or to something I generate if the paper was not submitted through the AMS). Sorry that these filenames are not more informative, but I don't know if I could come up with anything better while still guaranteeing they don't conflict with each other.

Joint Math Meeting 2019: Baltimore, MD

SIGMAA on Quantitative Literacy (SIGMAA QL) Joint Guest Lecture and Reception

The Power of Quantitative Literacy in the Era of Alternative Facts.. Dave Kung (St. Mary's College), Kira Hamman (Pennsylvania State University). 1145-A0-3035
Slides: PowerPoint XML (3 MB)

MAA Session on Innovative Pathways to Quantitative Literacy

Mathematical Modeling in the Liberal Arts Course.. Craig M. Johnson (Marywood University). 1145-Q5-2773
Introduction to Mathematical and Computational Thinking: A New Gen-Ed Math Course.. Betty Love (University of Nebraska - Omaha), Victor Winter (University of Nebraska - Omaha), Michael Matthews (University of Nebraska - Omaha), Michelle Friend (University of Nebraska - Omaha). 1145-Q5-2284
Slides: Adobe PDF (9 MB)
Mathematics for Sustainability: A General Education Mathematics Course.. Russ F. DeForest (Pennsylvania State University). 1145-Q5-2178
Slides: Adobe PDF (4 MB)
Building Quantitative Literacy through the Mathematics of Voting and Elections.. Jennifer Anne Bergner (Salisbury University). 1145-Q5-1873
An Inclusive Framework for Quantitative Reasoning. McKenzie Lamb (Ripon College). 1145-Q5-2407
Active Collaborative Learning and Faculty Development in the Redesign of Introductory Mathematics Course.. Vesna Kilibarda (Indiana University Northwest), Yuanying Guan (Indiana University Northwest). 1145-Q5-1142
Slides: Adobe PDF (940 KB)

MathFest 2018: Denver, CO

Quantitative Literacy Swap Session

Quantitative Literacy Swap Session. Victor Piercey (Ferris State University), Mark Branson (Stevenson University), Luke Tunstall (Michigan State University).

Joint Math Meeting 2015: San Antonio, TX

MAA Session on Infusing Quantitative Literacy into Mathematics and Nonmathematics Courses

Using an Online Interactive Tool in an Assignment on Percent. Michael Saclolo (St Edwards University). 1106-F5-1975
Slides: Adobe PDF (1 MB)
Combining Hands-On Probability with Calculations. David Taylor (Roanoke College). 1106-F5-947
Slides: Adobe PDF (953 KB)
A Freshman Math Course to Develop Quantitative Reasoning. Kathleen Lopez (University of Louisiana-Lafayette), Melissa Myers (University of Louisiana-Lafayette). 1106-F5-2691
Slides: Adobe PDF (1 MB)
Developing Quantitative Literacy Across the Liberal Arts Curriculum at Worcester State University. Hanson To (Worcester State University). 1106-F5-1812
The Impact of a Hybrid Course Format on Student Learning and Attitudes in a Quantitative Literacy Course. Ryan Botts (Point Loma Nazarene University), Catherine Crockett (Point Loma Nazarene University), Jesus Jimenez (Point Loma Nazarene University). 1106-F5-2672
Slides: Adobe PDF (628 KB)
The Efficacy of Projects and Discussion Boards in Increasing Quantitative Literacy Outcomes in an Online College Algebra Course. Luke Tunstall (Appalachian State University). 1106-F5-51
Slides: Adobe PDF (2 MB)
The Unsuspecting Analyst. Christopher Shaw (Columbia College Chicago). 1106-F5-2559
Slides: Adobe PDF (1 MB)
Experimenting with Quantitative Literacy Activities in a Three-Credit College Success Course. Chris Oehrlein (Oklahoma City Community College). 1106-F5-2784
Quantway and Using Quantitative Reasoning to Teach Developmental Mathematics to College Students. Cinnamon Hillyard (University of Washington Bothell). 1106-F5-2362
Slides: Adobe PDF (2 MB)
Quantitative Literacy for Education Majors. Cristina Gomez (Ithaca College). 1106-F5-2290
Slides: Adobe PDF (273 KB)
ASPIRE and Quantitative Literacy, Historical, Womens, and Gender Studies Courses at the University of Texas. Van Herd (University of Texas Austin). 1106-F5-2508
Slides: Adobe PDF (4 MB)
Introducing Quantitative Literacy in Writing Courses Using the Ultimatem Game. Rob Root (Lafayette College). 1106-F5-916
Slides: Adobe PDF (433 KB)
Quantitative Ethics. Victor Piercey (Ferris State University). 1106-F5-358
Slides: Adobe PDF (2 MB)
Reacting to the Past in a Mathematics Classroom. Andy Miller (Belmont University). 1106-F5-2563
Slides: Adobe PDF (692 KB)

Joint Math Meeting 2014: Baltimore, MD

MAA Session on Assessing Quantitative Reasoning and Literacy

Standardizing Assessment Across QL Courses. Jill Bigley Dunham (Hood College). 1096-B1-2626
Slides: Adobe PDF (3 MB)
Three Approoaches to Assessment in the Quantitative Reasoning Classroom. Maura B. Mast (University of Massachusetts Boston). 1096-B1-2424
Slides: Adobe PDF (2 MB)
Assessing Quantitative Reasoning in Introduction to Probability and Statistics. Robert J. Krueger (Concordia State University, St. Paul). 1096-B1-2346
Slides: Adobe PDF (694 KB)
A Collaborative Approach to Assessing Quantitative Literacy within Carnegie's Quantway Pathway for Developmental Mathematics. Cinnamon Hillyard (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching), Eugene Milman (Borough of Manhattan Community College), Duane Benson (South Georgia State University). 1096-B1-2153
Slides: Adobe PDF (5 MB)
QL Across the Curriculum at Colby-Sawyer College. Selma Kilic-Bahi (Colby-Sawyer College). 1096-B1-2118
Slides: Adobe PDF (2 MB)
Measuring Habits of Mind: Toward a Prompt-less Instrument for Assessing Quantitative Literacy. Stuart Boersma (Central Washington University), Dominic Klyve (Central Washington University). 1096-B1-1643
Slides: Adobe PDF (256 KB)
Results from an NSF TUES Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Project. Eric Gaze (Bowdoin College). 1096-B1-1148
Slides: Adobe PDF (395 KB)
Assessment in an Inquiry-Based Quantitative Reasoning for Business Students. Victor I. Piercey (Ferris State University). 1096-B1-1093
Slides: Adobe PDF (1 MB)
The Need to Assess Quantitative Literacy in the Major. Rodney E. McNair (Delaware State University). 1096-B1-310
Slides: Adobe PDF (79 KB)

Joint Math Meeting 2012: Boston MA

MAA Session on Quantitative Literacy and Decision Making

Using MS Excel to Improve Understanding of Financial Mathematics. Paul Taylor (Shippensburg University). 1077-L5-930
Slides: Adobe PDF (459 KB) | PowerPoint (974 KB)
Complex Systems and K-16 Curricula. R W DeGray (Saint Joseph College). 1077-L5-1058
Slides: Adobe PDF (1 MB)
The Financing Choices of American Consumers: The Influence of Quantitative Literacy, Cognitive Disposition, and Material Values. Cinnamon Hillyard (University of Washington Bothell), Pete Nye (University of Washington Bothell). 1077-L5-1244
Slides: Adobe PDF (1 MB) | PowerPoint (2 MB)
The Financial Literacy Project at Dartmouth College: Online Classroom Resources and Modules. Eric Gaze (Bowdoin College). 1077-L5-2563
Slides: Adobe PDF (4 MB) | PowerPoint (3 MB)

SIGMAA-QL Business Meeting, Hynes Center Room 309

Know Your Chances: A curriculum to help students become better consumers of health statistics. Steven Woloshin, MD, MS (Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Medicine, Community, and Family Medicine Dartmouth Medical School), Lisa Schwartz, MD, MS (Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Medicine, Community, and Family Medicine Dartmouth Medical School). 1077-NONE

MathFest 2011: Lexington, Kentucky

Quantitative Reasoning and Literacy: Pedagogical Strategies

Joint Math Meeting 2011: New Orleans LA

AMS-MAA-MER Special Session on Mathematics and Education Reform: The Role of QL in the High School Mathematics Curriculum

Mathematical Literacy and Quantitative Literacy: Symbiosis or Competition?. Deborah Hughes Hallett (University of Arizona/Harvard Kennedy School). 1067-97-1214
Reorganizing School Mathematics for Quantitative Literacy. Rick Gilman (Valparaiso University). 1067-97-550
Slides: Adobe PDF (97 KB)
Quantitative Literacy and the "Big Ideas" of High School Mathematics. Brian Beaudrie* (Winona State University), Emily Ricard (New Hampshire Impact Center), Greg Superchi (Lisbon High School), David Gilcreast (Pelham High School). 1067-97-1221
Slides: Adobe PDF (1 MB)
Quantitative Literacy and College Readiness. Cathy L Seeley (Charles A Dana Center, Univeristy of Texas). 1067-97-2385
Slides: Adobe PDF (881 KB)
The Role of QL in the High School Mathematics Curriculum: What Students Need to Know to Be College Ready. Corrine H Taylor (QR Program, Wellesley College). 1067-97-2139
Slides: Adobe PDF (6 MB)
The Role of QL in the High School Mathematics Curriculum Panel Discussion. Eric C Gaze (Bowdoin College). 1067-97-1307

Joint Math Meeting 2010: San Francisco CA

Quantitative Reasoning and the Environment

An Across-the-Curriculum Approach to Quantitative Literacy in Environmental Studies. Benn Steele (Colby-Sawyer College), Semra Kilic-Bahi (Colby-Sawyer College), Nick Baer (Colby-Sawyer College), Leon Malan (Colby-Sawyer College), Laura Alexander (Colby-Sawyer College), Harvey Pine (Colby-Sawyer College). 1056-P1-1639
Slides: Adobe PDF (6 MB) | PowerPoint XML (951 KB)
Water, Water, Everywhere - Even in Statistics. John C. Nardo (Oglethorpe University), Judith Lynn Gieger (Oglethorpe University). 1056-P1-1948
Slides: Adobe PDF (2 MB) | PowerPoint (1 MB)
Raising Awareness of Environmental Issues in a Statistics Course. Preliminary report. Thomas J Pfaff (Ithaca College). 1056-P1-1610
Slides: Adobe PDF (3 MB) | PowerPoint (2 MB)
Sustainability as a Focus for an Introductory Calculus Course. Michael Olinick (Middlebury College). 1056-P1-1093
Could i-Tree Software Have Helped the Lorax?. Jan O. Case (Jacksonville State University), Scott W. Beckett (Jacksonville State University). 1056-P1-1312
Slides: Adobe PDF (41 MB) | PowerPoint (31 MB)
The Environment, Mathematics and Our Community Role. Ben Fusaro (Florida State University). 1056-P1-1997
Slides: Adobe PDF (1 MB) | PowerPoint (2 MB)
Using QL Modules to Analyze and Present Large Data Sets in a Winter Ecology Course. Preliminary report. Judith Moran (Trinity College). 1056-P1-1276
Slides: Adobe PDF (3 MB) | PowerPoint XML (2 MB)
Modeling Radon in Pennsylvania. Preliminary report. Michael Huber (Muhlenberg College). 1056-P1-276
Slides: Adobe PDF (4 MB) | PowerPoint (4 MB)
Necessary Environmental Numearcy for a Successful Society. Preliminary report. Martin E. Walter (University of Colorado Boulder). 1056-P1-847
Slides: Adobe PDF (4 MB) | PowerPoint (10 MB)

General Contributed Papers

SIGMAA-QL 2009 Quantitative Literacy Survey: Preliminary Results. Preliminary report. Milo Schield (Augsburg College). 1056-Z1-1088
Slides: Adobe PDF (50 KB)

Joint Math Meeting 2009: Washington DC

Quantitative Literacy Across the Curriculum

Making Quantitative Reasoning Central to a PreCalculus Course. Cinnamon Hillyard (University of Washington Bothell), Nicole Hoover (University of Washington Bothell). 1046-T1-1599
Slides: Adobe PDF (11 MB) | PowerPoint XML (290 KB)
QL from a Service Division Perspective. Gary T. Franchy (Davenport University). 1046-T1-2057
Slides: Adobe PDF (268 KB) | PowerPoint (319 KB)
Samples: ZIP Archive (109 KB)
Mathematics and Democracy. Kira Hamman (Pennsylvania State University Mont Alto). 1046-T1-1744
Using Media Article to Drive a QL Course. Stuart Boersma (Central Washington University), Caren L. Diefenderfer (Hollins University), Bernard L. Madison (University of Arkansas). 1046-T1-1299
Slides: Adobe PDF (5 MB) | PowerPoint (2 MB)
Building the mathematical and computational skills of science students: what are we doing, what students think, and how it is working. Kelly E. Matthews (University of Queensland), Merrilyn Goos (University of Queensland), Peter Adams (University of Queensland). 1046-T1-1565
Slides: Adobe PDF (546 KB) | PowerPoint (524 KB)
Toward a Numerate Culture: A Quantitative Literacy Preojct. Preliminary report. D. Scott Dillery (Lindsey Wilson College). 1046-T1-1464
Slides: Adobe PDF (88 KB)
Incorporating Quantitative Literacy into the Reserach Writing Classroom. Preliminary report. Kimberly M. Vincent (Washington State University). 1046-T1-2069
Slides: Adobe PDF (593 KB) | PowerPoint (772 KB)

MathFest 2008: Madison, WI


The Role of Quantitative Literacy Centers in Supporting Students and Faculty. Caren Diefenderfer (Hollins University), Nicole Hoover (University of Washington Bothell), Judith Moran (Trinity College), Corrine Taylor (Wellesley College).
Slides: Adobe PDF (14 MB) | PowerPoint (6 MB)

MathFest 2007: San Jose, CA


Quantitative Literacy, Mathematics, and Civic Engagement. Maura Mast (University of Massachusetts Boston), Andy Miller (Belmont University), Rob Root (Lafayette College), Kay Somers (Moravian College).
Slides: Adobe PDF (4 MB)
Credit Card Nation: The Consequences of America’s Addiction to Credit by Robert D. Manning
The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Parents are Going Broke by Elizabeth Warren and Emily Warren Tyagi
Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Lenders, and the Era of Predatory Lending by James D. Scurlock
The Winner-Take-All Society: Why the Few at the Top Get So Much More Than the Rest of Us by Robert H. Frank and Phillip J. Cook
Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class by Robert H. Frank
On Economic Inequality by Amartya Sen

MathFest 2006: Knoxville, TN


Several Perspectives on Quantitative Literacy in the Undergraduate Program. Caren Diefenderfer (Hollins University), Maura Mast (University of Massachusetts Boston).

Joint Mathematics Meeting 2006: San Antonio, TX

Achieving Quantitative Literacy

Resource for QL: Mathematics Across the Curriculum and the National Numeracy Network at the University of Nevada. Jerry A Johnson (University of Nevado Reno). 1014-P1-216
Paradoxes: Explanations and Discussions. Preliminary report. Saburo Matsumoto (The Master's College). 1014-P1-79
A Contemporary Approach to Quantitative Literacy in a College Mathematics Curriculum. Jay P Abramson (Arizona State University), Matt Isom (Arizona State University), Eric Kennedy (Arizona State University). 1014-P1-20
How a Writing Assignment Changed Our Understanding of Quantitative Literacy. Allen Emerson (St. John Fisher College), Kris Green (St. John Fisher College). 1014-P1-1543
QL Spreadsheet Modules: Lessons from the Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum Workshop. Eric C Gaze (Alfred University). 1014-P1-288
Learning to Make Inferences: Connecting Quantitative Literacy and Language Arts for Math and English Preservice Teachers. Kimberly M Vincent (Washington State University), Beth Buyserie (Washington State University). 1014-P1-1490
Slides: Adobe PDF (399 KB) | PowerPoint (82 KB)
Incorporating Civic Engagement in Quantitative Literacy Courses. Preliminary report. Thomas M Zachariah (Loyola Marymount University), Suzanne Larson (Loyola Marymount University), Jacqueline M Dewar (Loyola Marymount University). 1014-P1-1260
Ethnomathematics: Fusion or Fear. Preliminary report. Michelle R DeDeo (University of North Florida). 1014-P1-1425
The Quantitative Reasoning Requirement at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Array (University of Massachusetts Boston). 1014-P1-1443
Slides: Adobe PDF (149 KB) | PowerPoint (125 KB)
News Math: Working toward QL. Bernard L Madison (University of Arkansas). 1014-P1-49
Slides: Adobe PDF (48 KB) | PowerPoint (31 KB)
Developing a QL Program: Do's and Don'ts. Judith Flagg Moran (Trinity College). 1014-P1-830
Slides: Adobe PDF (20 MB) | PowerPoint (4 MB)
Slides (No Pictures): Adobe PDF (43 KB) | PowerPoint (474 KB)
Defining and Implementing Quantitative Literacy Programs. Rick Gillman (Valparaiso University). 1014-P1-32
An Overview of QR/QL Programs, Events and Publications. Preliminary report. Caren Diefenderfer (Hollins University), Rebecca Hartzler (Seattle Central Community College), Cinnamon Hillyard (University of Washington Bothell). 1014-P1-1269
Banner: Adobe PDF (1 MB) | Publisher (2 MB)
Numeracy: A Course for Honor Students. Preliminary report. John C Macelli (Ithaca College). 1014-P1-944
The Mathematics of Association in Quantitative Literacy. Preliminary report. Milo Schield (Augsburg College). 1014-P1-36
Slides: Adobe PDF (2 MB) | PowerPoint (2 MB)
Updated Slides: Adobe PDF (117 KB)
Slides from: Confounders as Mathematical Objects: Adobe PDF (59 KB)
Spreadsheets Across the Curriculum. Preliminary report. Gary T Franchy (Davenport University). 1014-P1-1727
Introductory Slides (from Len Vacher): Adobe PDF (4 MB) | PowerPoint (7 MB)
Slides: Adobe PDF (498 KB) | PowerPoint (362 KB)
Profit Maximization and Level Curves: Applying Excel Data Tables, Conditional Formatting, and the Solver. Mike Pogodzinski (San Jose State University). 1014-P1-404
Cover Page: Word (27 KB) | Adobe PDF (22 KB)
Slides: Adobe PDF (914 KB) | PowerPoint (836 KB)
Spreadsheet: Adobe PDF (455 KB) | Excel (74 KB)
The Unholy Alliance: Integrating Math and Religion. Preliminary report. Harrison W Straley (Wheaton College), Barbara Darling-Smith (Wheaton College). 1014-P1-27
Slides: Adobe PDF (757 KB)
From Math Distress to Math Success: The Development of a Quantitative Reasoning Course To Motivate Student Learning. Klement Teixeira (Borough of Manhattan Community College), Fred Peskoff (Borough of Manhattan Community College). 1014-P1-789
Join the Mathematics Across the Community College Curriculum Project. Rebecca Hartzler (Seattle Central Community College). 1014-P1-1264

MathFest 2005: Albuquerque, NM

General Contributed Paper Session

Word Problems and Quantitative Literacy. Gizem Karaali (Pomona College).
Slides: Adobe PDF (103 KB)